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Beckie is an Artist, Creative Coach & Creative Projects Producer, living in Bristol, UK.

Early works include a human sized chrysalis in the performance piece 'Butterfly Act', a cabinet of curiosities made in collaboration with a scientific researcher from University of Bristol, in 'Fragments', and a floor to ceiling nest as part of the installation piece 'Insect Being', which also includes a film of the artist performing the act of building a web.

She often collaborates with other artists, scientists and researchers, producing humorous yet philosophically driven work that questions what it means to be human. She is interested in the biological and anthropological histories in contrast to modern life. Domestic space, identity and the human animal are reoccurring threads that continue to inform her work.

There is a playful and experimental undertone which emerges through her curiosity led process of making and researching. Limitations, challenges and restrictions are an integral part of this as well as a leaning towards a visceral or tactile aesthetic, with the gestural marks and the hand of the artist intentionally made or left visible. 

Following her '100 days of sketchbook' project in March 2020 (100 days of experimental paper based work made on the kitchen table, throughout the first UK pandemic lockdown, alongside caring for two young children.) In 2021 she received funding through Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice award. Over this year the Artist spent time researching and writing about creativity itself, Interviewing Mother Artists and making experimental artworks in a dedicated studio space and meeting other artists along the way. The project concluded with a residency at The Garage, where she created large scale abstract installations and paintings, made using odd tools and materials such as baby wipes, water pistols and dolls. 

She is currently leading a creative development group for Mother Artists, following The Artists Way, working on community projects with Students at Bath University and in working as Professional Creative Coach.

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As an Artist, Beckie Upton's work spans multiple mediums including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, ceramics and writing. She is currently researching creativity through practice based studio experiments and writing a book about these ideas.


In her role as a Producer she has worked for several galleries and educational institutions, directed projects and workshops, including residencies and exhibitions, learning programmes and has also developed work in collaboration with scientists and artists for public exhibition. Projects have been funded through ACE DYCP Award, Knowle West Media Centre, Somerset Artworks, O2 Think Big and O2 Think Bigger.

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